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Crochet! Crochet!
Tuesday, March 24th, 2009, 8:34
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Well, my exam is over. I passed it. Though I’m having a bit of a hard time to be satisfied with what I achieved. But never mind…
Since I’m not able to knit riight now (the ungrateful wrist) I brought myself to finally continue crocheting my carpet. Yes, a carpet.. Yes, crochet. Two or three years ago, my Mom came home from work with a garbage bag (one of these huge ones) full of garnet yarn for me. I don’t think there is a color I don’t have a little ball of garnet yarn for. To be honest: With some colors I wasn’t even sure if someone could wear that color as a garment… I looked at her blankly and asked her what I was to do with these tons of garnet yarn. And she suggested crocheting a carpet. So I went off to buy the biggest crochet hook available in the nearest LYS. I got a 7mm one which is quite an achievement if you knew the size of my home town (and the LYS ;)) and started crocheting. I don’t like it very much, it’s too simple and there are so many stitches that it takes an eternity to finish only one row – but if I’ll ever be able to finish it, I will have a one-of-a-kind carpet! 😉


Study, study, study
Saturday, March 21st, 2009, 16:35
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I haven’t been knitting much over the last couple of days. Nothing, to be precise. And I shouldn’t even be blogging right now. Why? Because I have an exam on – eeeeeeeeek!! – Monday. With every passing minute I’m getting more and more panicky – chances are I won’t be able to remember my own name on Monday morning *sigh*
I finished Mom’s Seascape Stole somewhere along the way (I usually don’t get panicky and studyish – if that’s a real word – until 48 hours before the exam, so the fact that I spent last week entirely in my university’s library is quite an achievement for me ;)) but I couldn’t bring myself to blocking it yet. We’ll see when that happens.
Plus knitting is quite out of the question with my wrist hurting as hell (writing dozens of small help-me-to-remember-the-important-facts cards wasn’t really helping my RSI), so I’ll have to wait while the brilliant ideas keep fighting the urge for knitting for the place on top of my queue. My “What I’d wish for the most right now” queue, that is.

Unfaithful again
Friday, March 13th, 2009, 11:55
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You all know these New Year’s resolutions, right? These “Next year, I’ll stop smoking/ work out more/ study harder/ insert unrealistic possibility for change of behavior here”. Well, even though my best friend and I termed these resolutions as “Ideas for potential changes of behavior” because we thought with a name like this, our resolutions might actually work out for us – they don’t 😉 I still refrain from kicking guys that screw with me and I still don’t eat healthier. At least I’ve never been a smoker so that’s something I can’t fail at stopping or changing. To put it in a nutshell: My #1 golden resolution was: “Never work at more than one project at a time!” Yeah well, worked out great for me…
Firstly, I only set the status for 11 of my 17 unfinished Ravelry projects to “hibernating” because I couldn’t stand the look of my notebook with all these less-than-20%-wips.
Secondly, not all my projects are in Ravelry.
Thirdly, even that doesn’t stop me from constantly starting new projects because I liked the pattern, or the yarn, or just wanted to keep my hands busy. Truth is, I bore really easily…

So, what’s the status? Mom’s Seascape Stole is at something like 80% and if I only could bring myself to pick up the needles, count my sorry self through the last (!!!) repeat of the main pattern, find out if 3 balls of KSH are enough for 8 repeats of the main pattern and finish that thing, I could merrily be knitting my first version of Honeycomb soon. (I started, as you know, because I simply couldn’t resist the yarn, but if I go and pick up my knitting it’s usually Mom’s Seascape Stole.)
But, alas!, I wouldn’t be me, if I didn’t go ahead and start something stupid.Thanks to Ravelry, I discovered Kate Davies’ really, really awesome o w l s sweater – and how can you help falling in love with something as beautiful as that? So now I’m constantly browsing the net in search of affordable yarn (being a mean college student, Rowan unfortunately doesn’t count as affordable *cry*). As for now, I’ve set my mind on Istex Alafoss Lopi, but I won’t need the sweater before October or so, so I really hope I can purchase the yarn some time during summer. That being said, I have to reveal that the o w l s sweater wasn’t the stupid thing I mentioned. The stupid thing was starting a new pair of socks. Coupling socks, to be precise. I’m teaching a friend of mine how to knit socks toe-up and how to knit two socks at one time using two circulars. But to be able to teach, I’ll have to be able to knit along with her and because we’ve discovered the yarn together, we started knitting socks simultaneously. So I have one more wip *sigh* Oh, and I have a friend’s birthday coming up and I promised her I’ll knit her a pair of socks for her birthday. I’ve already set my mind on some yarn and a pattern (improvised, at the most), but I’ve got less than a month left and I don’t know if I can finish them in time with Seascape and learning and stuff. Oh, and blogging. So goodbye for now, I hope next time I can proudly present Mom’s Seascape Stole 😉