Gelebte Stricksucht

Tears for fears
Monday, June 15th, 2009, 8:30
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Everything happened just as I feared. I’ve been knitting along merrily, looking forward to all the projects I could start (Laminaria, finally!, Shipwreck, the Aeolian Shawl, my very own Birch, the Luna Moth Shawl… and that’s just the tip of the iceberg of all the lace projects I’ve planned), but then yardage kicked my butt 😦 Now, I’m painfully aware of the fact that 880 yards (or 804 meters) are 5 pattern repeats short of finishing the stole. Only 5 pattern repeats! That’s like, one and a half hours of knitting! And I’m really kind of a tight knitter! SIGH!!!!
Unfortunately, I have no means to get my hands on another hank of Alpaca Cloud in that color since it is sold out at knittybitty and KnitPicks doesn’t ship to Europe. So there’s only one thing I can do (and it really, really pains me to write this or – and even more so – accept the fact): I have to rip apart the whole edging, leave out the eyelet and increase rounds (even though they look sooooooo pretty) and start all over again. SIGH!! Luckily I was witty enough to calculate the number of stitches I’m short to finishing (something around 1890, if you need to know ;)) and compare that to the number of stitches I’m gaining by leaving out the 4 knitted rounds (a little more than 2560), so that I know (quite for a fact, actually) that it will work out and I won’t have to rip the edging apart again.
And now I’m going to shed some tears and unravel the edging I was so proud of…


So much knitting, so little time
Friday, June 12th, 2009, 7:16
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I’m still working on the edging for the Print O’ The Wave Stole. Three sides are done and I’ve already started to work on the remaining long side but – alas! – I’m getting reeeeeaaaaaally tired by this. It’s what happens to me every single time I’m getting close to the finish line with one of my knitting projects. Suddenly every project seems more fun than the one I’m working on, especially projects I haven’t even started yet, and I really have to force myself to complete the current project. I honestly didn’t expect this to happen to me with the Print O’ The Wave Stole, because the pattern is so pretty and I really love the Alpaca Cloud yarn (oh! don’t get me started on the really gorgeous colorway! Stream Heather… Love it!!!), but here I am: Getting tired and beginning to look forward to all the other lace projects in my Ravelry queue. (I swore to myself that I’ll finish my Honeycomb vest first… we’ll see how that goes ;))

Knitting frenzy
Tuesday, June 2nd, 2009, 13:06
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Well, well, well…
I have to confess, my schedule didn’t quite work out. It did at first, but when I was down to only 14 or 15 more pattern repeats I started to see the light at the end of the tunnel and brought myself to two pattern repeats. And then I did three, so I had the center panel finished by Saturday. I immediately started with the edging and – oh, boy! – these 640 stitches I had to pick up? They gave me a serious headache, with all the counting and miscounting and recounting and miscounting again… And knitting them all for four rounds? Oh, don’t get me started…
I was ready to begin with the actual edging by yesterday and guess what? I’ve already finished one of the short sides and the corresponding corner. And now I’m thinking about buying a wooden circular needle because I feel the metal circular I’m using is too heavy for the stole. Phew…