Gelebte Stricksucht

Difficult decisions
Thursday, July 16th, 2009, 8:49
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Well, well… After all this fuss with the edging for the Print O’ The Wave Stole, merrily knitting along, running out of yarn, the sudden need for instant gratification that made me start the Endpaper Mitts, ripping apart the transition rows and reknitting the edging, I’m anxious about the moment I’ll have to part from it. This day is drawing closer and closer, and I’m already mourning the loss. Even though the stole gave me a pretty hard time (I have to say it once again: ripping the close-to-finished edging apart REALLY wasn’t fun – even with my general appetite for destruction!!), I think the yarn and especially the colour suit the pattern very well.

I had to start something new just after I put the finishing touches to the stole, of course, so I went for something that we here in Germany call bolero. Even though I’m not quite sure if I’m knitting a bolero or a shrug, it’s got something of both ๐Ÿ˜‰ I had to rip my Honeycomb apart because I needed the yarn, which might sound bewildering at first. The thing is this: Some weeks ago I purchased a really gorgeous summer dress – I would go as far as calling it THE dress – which is white with a bottle-green flower pattern. But summer nights are cold so I’m going to need something to keep me warm. I thought about possibilities (possibilities I would knit myself, of course!), but in my mind all these possibilities had the same hue of green as the pattern on the dress. It was then that I thought about my Honeycomb, about how it had this exact hue I’d need to fit the colour of the dress, about being anxious that the pattern would fit me in the end, and about having so much yarn to choose from if I could only bring myself to rip it apart and start fresh. So Honeycomb became history and I started my bolero.

Yesterday evening, I finished the second sleeve and instantly washed and blocked both sleeves as well as the back piece. Once the pieces are dry I’ll sew them together so I can determine the size and shape of the front pieces. Once these are finished I’m going to add borders to sleeves and body in 1×1 rib. And then I’ll set off and knit a pair of mittens to fit the bolero (just in case it gets reeeaaaaally cold while I’m outside ;)).

Well, since I have to wait for the bolero pieces to dry (and since the Bird’s Eye pattern I’m using for the bolero isn’t exactly what I’d call excruciatingly difficult) I set my mind on another lace project. I had started a Laminaria after finishing the Print O’ The Wave Stole, but tossed it aside after 40 stitches or so and started the bolero, so this won’t be an option for some time. Looking for inspirations I browsed through all the bookmarked lace stoles and shawls on my computer and… found the Gossamer Garden Stole. I checked my yarn stash – and there it was, 4 balls of Mohair Fine (76% kid mohair, 24% polyamide) in a dark blue hue I had bought and set aside for “some lace project”. As it turns out, the yarn has a beautiful purple shimmer to it, even though I’m not happy with the quality. It’s my own fault, really, for I am constantly comparing it to Rowan’s KSH – which is ridiculous, since Mohair Fine costs about one fifth of what I’d have to spend for KSH! I’m just trying to concentrate on the purple shimmer and the really gorgeous pattern instead of the yarn quality. And – oh, boy! – this pattern’s got teeth. It’s not that it is so difficult, but it’s all counting and concentrating on what I’m doing (basically: doing what I love most about lace!). I had some difficulties with the chart, but I think I figured it out allright the first time. I haven’t knit lace with YOs in right and wrong side rows before, but at least I’m a chart knitter and so far it seems that I’ve done everything right. Oh, I can’t wait until I’ve finished the first pattern repeat of the Spider Web Pattern ๐Ÿ˜€


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