Gelebte Stricksucht

Stash raid!!!!
Saturday, July 18th, 2009, 16:31
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Yes, I have just started the Gossamer Garden Stole. I love it, by the way. I made a mistake somewhere between rows 13 and 16, so I thought it best to rip the whole thing apart again and start fresh. Which I did. Now I’ve made a mistake somewhere between rows 24 and 27 and I’m in no mood to rip it apart again so I’m thinking about fixing it by cheating.
Yes, I tend to start too many projects and finish way too few. I think this is mostly because I bore easily so that I can’t bring myself to finish something that is neither coming along very quickly nor complicated as hell. Which is the case with pullovers, cardigans or even vests.
Yes, I have so many other useful things to do, like studying, or finishing some of my WIPs. I could read more (or why do I have the subscription for this news magazine? why do I have so many books?), or clean the flat (at least my room!) every day or two, maybe even finish all these “Oh, that’s easy, I could sew it myself!”-projects (a skirt, a broken zipper on a coat, and an ex-pullover soon to be a cardigan).
Yes, I have many, many WIPs that I could finish (see point #2), shrugs, socks, even a pullover, legwarmers, …
But yet…
Right now, I feel the urgent need to raid my stash for anything yarny (I seriously doubt that’s even a word!!), something worsted, or even something bulky, and start cardigans, cardigans, pullovers, cardigans and: cardigans. Maybe one or two shrugs. The need actually is so urgent I can hardly keep to my desk chair. It’s not that my stash is insanely huge, it fits quite well into two large boxes, so I guess there’s not enough yarn for all these cardigans. But: I want to knit something for the fall and winter seasons. I want to knit cardigans with an intensity that equals little children crying “I. Want. Candy!!!!!” in a supermarket.
Why – oh! why? – did this H&M catalogue had to arrive today? Flipping through the pages and seeing all these gorgeous things in all these gorgeous colours (H&M is obviously going for purple and teal this fall, as well as gray and brown) made me wish that my stash could miraculously transform itself into tons of knitted garments.
So if you would be so kind as to excuse me – I have a stash to raid 😉

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