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Tuesday, August 11th, 2009, 10:32
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Once again, I’m a part-time non-knitter. Not because I finally realized that studying and taking the next exam is more important than constant progress of my WIPs. I’d love to be as reasonable as that! It’s just that my RSI kicked back in which makes knitting a quite painful experience. So I had to put a stop to all of my projects for two weeks, and I really, really hope that I can pick up the needles after that.

Despite the fact that knitting is out of the question right now, I set my mind on another project: Another Seascape Stole, this one a Christmas gift, made from KnitPicks Shimmer in the Cumulus colourway, for a friend of mine. She’s always so kind and supportive and I don’t know what I would do without her, so I’m thinking this might be the best way to say “Thank you!”. The yarn has already been ordered (along with the yarn for Mam’s shawl) and should arrive by the end of this week.

What makes this knitting hiatus even harder for me is the fact that I finally got the yarn from Balitmore:

Two skeins Cascade Yarns Alpaca Lace in Amethyst Heather. This one’s gorgeous, super-soft and quite irresistable.

One skein Conjoined Creations Pastimes, Too in Sky. I’ve already wound it to a ball and practiced the lace cast-on with this one. And now I know that I’ll definitely use wooden needles because it is so slippery on the metal ones.

And last but not least, one skein of Criative Acres Black Suri. This one’s actually got the names of the alpacas printed on the label that donated the fibres for the yarn – how cool is that?

And then, just this morning, I’ve made one of the greatest discoveries: I found a German yarn store with an online shop that offers a wide range of yarns from US brands like Cascade Yarns, Fleece Artist or Crystal Palace!! I was amazed. And very, very happy. This is like shopping paradise for me. But maybe I’m just obsessed… 😉

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