Gelebte Stricksucht

Sunday, January 24th, 2010, 13:59
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So there it was: My perfect evening. After three days of criminally neglecting the fact that I ought to learn for my upcoming exam (meaning: three days of constant knitting, because Marika kept bugging me about finishing the owls sweater so that I could wear it at least once before this winter season ends) I was finally casting off stitches.
I really tried to sew in the ends carefully, despite the growing excitement.
I could hardly bear the tension.
I tried it on.

And then I just wanted to cry. It didn’t fit me. In fact, it felt like someone had tied a string around my upper chest and pulled really tightly. Well, of course I instantly realised what was wrong with my most beloved, most time consuming (and therefore most hated) WIP to date: I had miscalculated the number of owls. Disappointed with myself and the knitting gods, I laid the sweater aside and tried not to think about this failure. Because the saddest part of it all was that everything else about this sweater was perfect. The back width, the chest, the sleeve length, the look, everything. I was determined to MAKE it fit me, even if I had to block it to death.
I soon realized that there was only one possibility, but I wasn’t ready to consider it, so I almost instantly cast on another sweater (let’s call it the Rebound Sweater). After only seven rows of knitting I came to my senses and laid it aside again. I shed a tear or two and started to undo the sewing on the owls sweater. Then I frogged the yoke until I was back to the 377 (in words: three hundred and seventy-seven) stitches on the 4mm needles. I started to calculate, and recalculate, and recalculate again, until I finally found a way to add more owls.
For the first version I did k2tog around, which left me with 19 owls. This time I repeated [k1, k2tog, k2tog] around, with an additional knit stitch every ten repeats or so. It took a long time, because at the same time I had to keep track of the [k2, p8] pattern from the cable chart (tricky!!), but I had it done by midnight.
I think it’ll take more time to finish the owls sweater now, because my exam is coming up and I can’t spend the days until the big day knitting, but at least I’ll have a fitting sweater when I’m done. SIGH!